Eat. Play. Love.
We love playing with our food. We’re all about adding a fun-flavour-twist to everything. Milkshakes. Cookie dough. Cake batter. Jelly. You name it, we’re enthusiastic-as-heck to try add a delicious, fresh spin to it with just a few drops of flavour; sweetening appropriately as we go. So get inspired, get creative and most importantly – have fun rustling up next-level-yummy goodies!

Sugar-free – preservative-free – GMO-free – allergen-free
Unlike syrup flavouring, Flavour Nation flavouring drops contain no sugar, no preservatives, it’s GMO-free and contains zero allergens serving; so when you add Flavour Nation flavouring, you add nothing but the flavour you seek. Our flavouring is non-nutritive, which contains no calories per serving. Zero, zip, nada.

Flavour Nation flavouring at a glance
Flavour Nation Flavouring Composition

Water-soluble (vanilla essence consistency)
No sugar
No preservatives
No vegetable oil
No stabilisers
GMO free
Nature identical (synthetic recreation of flavour as it’s found in nature)
No “fake” tasting flavours
Flavouring ideal for every type of lifestyle

Collectible range of food flavouring

Space-saving 20 ml bottle size
Main non-flavour ingredients

Propylene glycol
Ethyl diglycol

Flavour Nation Essences

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