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Bella Rose Sprinkles are the super fun, super easy and trendiest way to add colour, shimmer & shine to your sweet confections! 
Our Sprinkle Mixes are a combination of Sugar Nuggets, Nonpareils, Strands/Jimmies, “Sea Pearls” and Dragees which have been creatively combined to provide you with a wide variety of colours and themes to choose from. 

Bella Rose Sprinkles are the fun and easy way to make your cakes, cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, chocolate bark (or pretty much anything!) party-ready. 

WE USE NO ANIMAL BYPRODUCTS AT ALL. That’s right! No eggs, no gelatin, no nothing that comes from our furry friends. They are suitable for vegans, and are halal and kosher.

Sugar belle sprinkles come in 100g bottles

Bella Rose Sprinkle Mixes

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